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SSI GROUP is a Business to Business (B2B) Outsourcing firm, specialising in Web Programming (PHP Programming) and Web Development. Our team experience in PHP Programming, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, DATABASE BASED PROJECT, ECOMMERCE PROJECTS, and JOOMLA design, implementation and development. Our motive is to deliver high-end crisp clean php programming solutions for our clients.

Choose Web Developers and PHP Programmers from SSIGROUP for specialized web solutions. Our well groomed & experienced Web Developers and skilled Web Programmers deliver high end web development, web application and all other web services. We have, since 2003, been delivering Web Development, PHP Programming and other Web Solutions to European and Asian customers on both a contract basis and as key Outsourcers, introducing, maintaining and developing their internet presence.

SSIGROUP has been delivering quality PHP Programming solutions to European, Asian & Australian firms both on a contract basis and as key outsourcers since 2004. We have helped introduce our clients to the web & further more help them maintain and strategically develop their internet presence.

Statistics have shown that potential customers decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not to leave a website. If you’re still here… a ‘Warm Welcome’ and thank you for considering SSI GROUP for your next web based app or CMS.

With our team's combined experience in PHP Programming, Web Design, and Content Management System and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our developers and PHP programmers can deliver on time and within your budget! Our web developers have the training and knowledge of current International web development standards and practices, to turn your ideas into reality!

Our clients range from mid-sized enterprises requiring a well-built & seo friendly web presence to large b-to-b corporations requiring complex web applications and portals. We invite you to review our website design portfolio and read our client testimonials.

Why Us

SSI Group is an experienced and well established PHP Programming firm specialising in Web Development, CMS system and e-commerce development. We are highly methodical in our phased approach, we use PHP Programming as a platform to develop your Website. We have planned, designed and developed websites in PHP Programming and launched over a hundred successful content management & electronic-commerce websites since our inception.

In closing, We have learned over the decade how to avoid the Offshoring pitfalls mentioned above. Try us out RISK-free on your 1st project! You don't pay till we transfer the code onto your server from ours. That's our iron-clad Guarantee!

Our Services

We have an expirensed the team who specializes in WORDPRESS & JOOMLA CMS.
E-Commerce is best suited for an e-commerce and online store-management application. It features ...


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You can use the following numbers to reach us:

USA Office :+1 412 927 0808

Philippines Office :+63 - 524802219

USA Office
Suite 200 -204 Rosner Building,
1010 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Philippines Office
1st Floor BLK4 OLV ANNEX 2

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Why Offshoring Fails?

Over the last decade that SSI has been in business there has been a lot of talk of the benefits of outsourcing such as cost savings and ability to grow without growing your team size or fixed costs in the home office. However, very LITTLE has been written about why it fails and let´s not be shy about it or beat around the bush because IT DOES! And when it does it unfortunately gives the whole industry a "bad rap." We have noticed that there are many reasons why OFFSHORING fails and thought to document it for the benefit of our prospective new clients:

  • Poor communication - not everything that needs to be said can be said on skype via e-chat. Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone and speak to the developer who´s working on the project. Hence, it pays to have a developer w/good communication.
  • Big time lag in working hours - we work YOUR hours so it feels like we´re working in the next Suite on the same office floor and not in an alien land.
  • Poor Project Management - someone needs to be appointed as the POINT person for the project on both ends. "Too many chefs spoil the broth" as the saying goes for good food, it does too for developing good code too. There should only be one person dedicated on both ends for the project.
  • Well thought out and documented development brief - from the client is essential for the developer to reference when he/she is in doubt and the client is un-reachable.
  • Unrealistic goals - even the best IT outsourcing firms cannot deliver their top quality in the first shot. It takes some oiling so to speak on the first two projects for the process to ´mature´ so that both companies teams understand how the other party works. This is why small Wordpress "test- bed" projects are imperative to check if the IT firm has potential. Once that is established fine-tuning of results always follows with good communication and over time.

In closing, I would like to say that just like all your fingers aren´t the same shape or size, similarly neither are all php IT outsourcing firms. We have learned over the decades how to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above and have learned from our mistakes. Moreover, one of the co-founders is an Alumnus from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh & and has worked in Americas for a decade so he understands the mission critical culture of design firms in the West. He has relocated to Asia primarily to build our data centres and ensure quality.

Try us out RISK-free on your 1st project! We will build the site according to your SPEC for you to check on our servers. You don't pay till you are satisfied with the result and until we transfer the code onto your server. That's our iron-clad guarantee!